Sussex Folk Club Meetings

Most groups have regular meetings and by looking in each day section you can see what is available throughout Sussex. Note that Morris times are for the practise sessions over winter and during summer they will be dancing out on various days. Whilst most groups are nominally weekly, they may operate in 'terms'. It is always advisable to check with the group before visiting to check that the session is on at the expected venue before visiting.

Whilst most groups have regular meetings, the Caledonian Societies meet for special events rather than specific activities. Generally they are not primarily dancing clubs but will occasionally offer dancing opportunities. They are included as they are traditional and to avoid confusion.


Club Name



Social Dances

Chichester & District Caledonian Society

Scottish DanceChichester

Social Events

Mid Sussex Caledonian Society Scottish SocialMid Sussex

Social Dances

Sussex Association of Scottish Societies Scottish DanceSussex

For the sake of completeness:


Club Name

No longer meeting

Willingdon Folk Dance Club

No longer meeting

Glen Mor Scottish Country Dance Group

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