Sussex Folk Association (SusFA) Folk Dance and Song in Sussex

The aim of the Sussex Folk Association is to promote all the folk groups in East and West Sussex. We have circulated our magazine, the Sussex Pie, throughout Sussex for many years and are now taking advantage of the internet by providing a folk club directory. We provide an events calendar which highlights special events but relies on clubs sending us the data (note: weekly gigs at a folk song clubs cannot be accommodated). If you can see errors or omissions or want to add more details on your group please let us know. The directory is free to all groups run by volunteers.


If you get any email from Susfa that asks for payments, check by phone as they are probably con-men Example below

I trust you are enjoying the Christmas season? Would you be able to complete an obligation on behalf of the Board and get reimbursed? Kindly advise.
Cheers, Bob Weddell

Would you be able to help in paying a merchant and get reimbursed before Friday by Philip Price.
Philip not available today due to health reasons.
Let me know if you can help out.


Sussex Folk Association (SusFA) Folk Dance and Song in Sussex

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